Data Management Services

Data Management is crucial to ensuring your data is easily accessible in order to identify and track everything that requires attention. We have the tools to help you achieve this and if you require something custom we can make it for you. A breakdown of this process is as follows:

  • Understanding the needs of the client
    1. Interview the clients project team
    2. Reviewing any existing data management systems and documentation
    3. *optimally* perform an onsite job shadow to gain the best understanding of the client’s needs
    4. Develop and submit an initial scope of work for the data management system

  • Development phase
    1. Option #1 – Choose one of our existing platforms to use
    2. Option #2 – Create a custom software that meets all of the clients’ needs
    3. Option #3 – modify an existing platform to meet the clients’ needs
    4. Get approval from client before final delivery

  • Implementation/training
    1. Deliver product to the client
    2. Perform a QA check after installation and work out any bugs if necessary
    3. Perform onsite training on use and maintenance for client
    4. Optional updates and maintenance are available
    5. Optional data entry as required by client