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Industrial Hygiene Services

Southern Global’s Services Include:

  • Qualitative Occupational Exposure Assessments
    • We utilize industry and regulatory approved methods and processes to evaluate and risk rank health risks and hazardous personal exposures.
  • Develop and implement industrial hygiene monitoring strategies and sampling plans
  • Perform quantitative occupational exposure monitoring and assessments utilizing the newest technology and equipment and up to date methods and protocols.
    • All of our samples are submitted to accredited third-party laboratories.
  • Design and implement software and web based data management solutions to store, access and manage the information and documentation required for regulatory compliance and continued assessments of health hazards.
  • Provide Turnaround, Shutdown and Emergency Response support staff for personal and area air and noise monitoring.
  • Lighting Surveys
  • Noise Level Surveys and Mapping
  • Design and implement specialized databases to house numerous industrial hygiene assessments, surveys and projects.

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